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Mercury Professional Development, Inc. | Phoenix, AZ

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Succeed at Selling Remotely

Join our international experts for a special webinar series about how to succeed at selling remotely. Learn how to prepare you and your team for virtual business growth with a virtual selling process.

Negotiating from the Inside Out

Have you asked yourself... "Am I a master negotiator?" Whether you're up against a novice or savvy negotiator, you'll learn how to achieve win-win outcomes without giving-in too easily, getting emotionally involved, or losing control when the road gets rough.

Refocusing Your Business for the New Reality

May 28th, 9 AM; online

The economy is changing quickly. Many businesses face viability issues immediately. Most now face a dramatically challenging economy.

It's time to pivot your business.

What does this mean?

We’re leveraging our Leadership for Organizational Excellence tool set to help Arizona business leaders guide their company through these turbulent times. Here's the roadmap:

⇒ Examine the new environment, as well as your capabilities and strengths.

⇒ Identify how you can survive, or even thrive in the next economic wave.

⇒ Build a plan and execute.

Accelerating Growth Through the Recovery

Start rebuilding your pipeline with five best practices on how to accelerate growth through a recovery

Five secrets for how salespeople should leverage the world's largest professional network

Sandler CEO and President, Dave Mattson hosted a special webinar leveraging the power of LinkedIn to increase sales. His guest, Mike Montague, Sandler's Director of Content Marketing, unlocked powerful secrets to help you leverage LinkedIn tools to increase your sales. Archived recording of the live May 17 event.

Small Business Big Sales

Our international experts will discuss how small businesses can recover, rebuild, and navigate the new normal.

Learn how you can create a 30-day plan for stress-free lead development!

John Rosso, author of the best-selling Sandler book, Prospect The Sandler Way, and David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training Corporate Headquarters presented a live, public webcast on 21st century prospecting topics like conducting effective online pre-call research and using LinkedIn to generate referrals, and best practices for making successful first-calls. Archived recording of the live August 16 event.

Sales Behaviors That Will Achieve Revenue Goals

Global Head of Content, Mike Montague, and Sandler trainer Pat McManamon discussed how to hold your sales team accountable to the appropriate sales behaviors and performance goals in order for you to reach revenue goals.


How to hold your salespeople accountable

Sandler Trainer, Hamish Knox and Vice President of Online Learning at Sandler, Mike Montague discussed how to keep your team accountable for performance without looking like a micromanager.

Building a Bulletproof Business

Dave Mattson, President & CEO of Sandler training and Mike Montague, VP of Sandler Online Learning and Development, discussed leadership blindspots and strategies to building a bulletproof business.


Coaching For Higher Performance Webinar

Sandler Training CEO and President, Dave Mattson hosted a session on The Coaches Playbook with guest presenter Bill Bartlett, a Sandler trainer in Illinois. Bill is the author of the upcoming Sandler book, The Sales Coach’s Playbook: Breaking the Performance Code—and he has cracked the code on coaching. Attendees for the live event received a free copy of The Sales Coach’s Playbook along with other exclusive offers.

Break the Rules, Close More Sales Webinar

Hear from Dave Mattson, Sandler President and CEO, as he discusses common sales challenges and their solutions using the powerful 7-step Sandler Selling System. Both sales and sales management professionals will benefit from learning how to use an efficient and productive system to increase sales and revenues. Archived recording from the live December 2 event.

Cold Emailing Prospecting Webinar

Hear from Dave Mattson, Sandler President and CEO and Bryan Kreuzberger, founder of Breakthrough Email, as they demonstrate how to effectively use Cold Email for prospecting and get REAL RESULTS. Archived recording from the Monday, November 23 live event.

Build a World-Class Sales Organization

Along side powerhouse email prospecting expert Bryan Kreuzberger, Dave Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training Global Headquarters, reveals the 8 best practices that drive exponential growth while building a World-Class Sales Organization. Archived recording from Tuesday, November 10 live webinar.

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