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Mercury Professional Development, Inc. | Phoenix, AZ

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Upcoming Sandler Workshops & Events

Upcoming Workshops and Webinars

Leading Your Team to Remote Sales Glory

Designed for business owners, managers & salespeople

Join in for an education session that will prepare you and your team for virtual business growth as we reveal a virtual selling process where you can control the outcome.

  • How to create a successful mindset in uncertain times
  • How to avoid or disband common remote selling pains
  • Best practices coaching and directing your team
  • Pre-call planning, in-session etiquette, post-call follow-up, and managing stress

October 21st, 12:00 -1:00 PM- MST

How to Succeed at Selling Remotely- On-Demand Webinar

Is your sales team ready?

Join us for a special webinar series about how to succeed at selling remotely. 
Learn how to prepare you and your team for virtual business growth with a virtual selling process.

On-Demand- Available immediately!

Does your sales world give you freedom to live the life you want? Or are you trapped in the endless pursuit of quotas? Would you like to liberate yourself from the prospecting grind, and achieve your goals, stress-free?

Maybe our upcoming sales workshop is worth your time. You decide. Are you:

  • Excited to find new ways to engage with prospects, where you can maintain control.
  • Dedicated to consistently out perform expectations. 
  • Enjoying your current success, yet always striving for more.
  • Committed to personal and financial growth, and always doing, being and performing better

In this event, you will learn how the Sandler seven-step sales process will help you break the rules and sell more, MORE easily!

Find a better way. Get more prospects. Close more deals. Save more time.  Make more money.


Achieve Leadership for Organizational Excellence

Sandler Training by Mercury helps business owners and executives who are rapidly growing their business, but struggling to find the time, money and resources to achieve ultimate success and freedom. Too often, they’re overload working in the business, instead of on the business.

We often hear our clients say they:

  • Are investing in our leadership team because there was never a formal transition from a high-level performer to a high-level leader, and we're seeing a widening gap between our expectations and reality
  • Want more sophisticated processes and scalability, but don’t know where to start
  • Have high expectations for their team members, but disappointed by a lack of accountability.
  • Not sure if they have the right people in the right positions, or how to recruit the ideal candidate.

This Executive Briefing is specifically directed at business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs. 

Leadership for Organizational Excellence helps you move your company closer to excellence – by having

  • A vision for where you want to be
  • A plan to get there
  • The right positions clearly identified and the right people in those positions
  • Rigorous systems and processes
  • Achieving measurable results, analyzed regularly with metrics and KPIs

Register here.

Date And Time: Scheduled on demand for interested businesses

3:30 PM – 5:00 PM MST

Location: Online