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The economy and business world has changed at lightning speed.  Has your ideal client profile changed?

Now's a good time to consider how the change in the external environment should change our prospecting plans.  Where companies hosting public events might have been a viable customer base a few months back, they are unlikely to be attractive for the next 6 months.  Some segments are up, others down.  Messaging changes as well.

Review your criteria for an ideal client, then review the channels and partnerships that will help you reach them. 

Linc Miller Walks us through a step by step process to reposition your business.
1) Analysis (Internal & external).
2) Planning where to go.
3) Project resourcing, execution and accountability

Driving successful sales can always be a challenge. In an economic shutdown and downturn, a success attitude is more important than ever.
Good techniques underlie successful behaviors. Yet maintaining an attitude of success holds it all together.
With today's selling challenges mounting, we need ...

I just finished an audio-only call. Funny how fast we get used to video calls, where teleconferences are now the odd-man-out.

The teleconference experience brought to mind the basics of communication: 1) body language (55%) 2) tone & pace, (38%) 3) the words (7%). While video calls, don't have the same level of body language communication as in-person meetings, the difference between video and teleconference was stark.

Perhaps most striking was the collisions of people talking over each other. Without the video, we lack the visual cues to signal who wants to talk next. Instead, we jump in, and if we're lucky, no one else jumps simultaneously. Or, we announce our intent "This is Mark....", since we can't visually see the name-tags that video provides.

And then there's the broader differences. After an hour-long teleconference, I don't feel like I "met" anyone new. There's dramatically less bonding and rapport, since I couldn't connect a voice and a key point to a face or a name.

Soon we'll have more options for in-person meetings. But remote meetings will remain more important than they've ever been in the past. Get comfortable with video calls quickly. Lesson's learned for all professionals:

Learn the "etiquette" and best practices for running an effective online meeting.
Learn to observe the body-language and ques, whether online or in-person, you'll increase your communication effectiveness.
Learn the tools. Breakout rooms, polls, quizzes; Chat. All these enhance the experience.

Managing your team to achieve quota doesn't have to be a guessing game.  Many sales managers and owners share their frustration that forecasting and pipeline management is not reliable enough.  Certainly, with the changing economy, this will increasingly be the case.  Yet, we can take some definitive steps to increase our confidence level, and identify where gaps are developing.  Let's take a look at...

As sales professionals, we all strive to achieve being a trusted advisor, as opposed to a vendor. But are we really? Mary Crisci shares with us how to use "Fuzzy Files" as a tool to become a trusted advisor. Among the many reasons to be a trusted advisor is...

Michael shares how he and his clients have quickly adapted their business style to the changing market conditions.

Examining you and your team's sales performance starts with a diagnosis. Oour '4S' sales assessment tool can help you get started.

It's natural to be unsettled when confronting dramatic change. Yet, if we look at change as an opportunity, we can succeed. It all starts with attitude.
Selling remotely is a critical new skill set.  Embrace is quickly as an opportunity for you to get ahead of your competition.

Is selling remotely just a matter of using the phone and internet?  Yes.... and No.  Selling remotely changes your tools, but it also requires ....