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Management & Leadership

A key success factor for businesses and professionals alike is identifying target metrics, and holding yourself and your team accountable.  

Sandler's sales management survey asks how many sales staff are achieving target results.  How does your team compare?

Dear Mary, I have a team of sales people that report to me. I’m frustrated that they don’t seem to be capable of being independent. How do I help them be less reliant on me?

--Overloaded Sales Manager

Dear Overloaded Sales Manager

Interesting question. First off, you’re not alone. I’ve had several conversations with sales leaders this past week voicing the same baseline concern. How are they supposed to balance their workload and their team dependency on moving the pipeline forward and closing new business?

Examining you and your team's sales performance starts with a diagnosis. Oour '4S' sales assessment tool can help you get started.

When your business is blowing up (in a good way) recognize it as an opportunity to work on your business—instead of getting overwhelmed by your business.  This practice of continuous improvement even in the good times can generate even more amazing growth and help insulate you from the tough times to come.

Sam was surprised when his boss, Juanita, called him into her office, closed the door, sat him down, and asked him:

“So what is it you guys do?”

If your new hire isn't the best fit for your company, don't panic. Take these steps to manage your situation and establish a better process moving ahead.

Customer service is an interesting aspect of any business. Whether you call it inside sales or customer care, your frontline employee may have the most difficult job in the company. Do you find that your most difficult customers and situations are handled by your least trained and lowest paid employees first? Have you ever cringed when listening to one of your frontline people on the phone? Do you find your staff to be too strict with the policies or too loose?

By  Mike Montague

Many parts of the sales management process are outside of our control and even outside our sales team's control. When managing your sales team, focusing your efforts on managing behaviors rather than outcomes.

The four primary components of sales management:

  • Supervisor
  • Trainer
  • Coach
  • Mentor

Even the best performers improve with practice and coaching. The world's best athletes don't rely only on their raw talent or even the skills they develop on the playing field.

Supervision emphasizes the use of authority. Coaching places more emphasis on persuasion, planning, encouragements, and repetition as a means of improving performance.

How often do you debrief each of your salesperson’s calls together? And how do you conduct your debriefings? A debriefing needs to be more than just asking how the call went and what are the next steps. Regular debriefing helps your sales team learn a system for debriefing, so they are able to do it themselves, and learn from their mistakes.