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Ryan, a salesperson in his mid-fifties, had hit a performance plateau. His commissions had been
flat for the past six months, and he had narrowly missed quota in each of those months. He
scheduled a meeting with his manager, Jeannine, to see if, working together, they could identify
any steps that would turn this pattern around...

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid wasting time with questionable opportunities is to be
more selective about which ones you allow to enter the pipeline in the first place. A more
stringent “pre-pipeline” screening step may be worth considering. What are the criteria for
entering that active phase of your pipeline?

Having a big pipeline of “prospects” is typically seen as desirable. The more prospects you put into the pipeline, the more will eventually emerge as customers. At least that’s the theory!

And in principle, the theory is valid. Some of the people you put in the pipeline will become customers. But we always need to ask ourselves two important questions about our pipeline: “How many of these opportunities do I expect to turn into customers…and how long will it take for them to emerge from the other end of the pipe?”