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Mercury Professional Development, Inc. | Phoenix, AZ

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Don’t Just Learn to Prospect.

Hands-on Sandler Prospecting Workshop

Are you or your sales team...

  • Avoiding the hard-lifting of REAL prospecting?
  • Uncertain how to navigate cold calls, referrals and introductions?

In Our “Just Do It” Prospecting Workshop you will learn:

  • A structured no-pressure prospecting process that will put you in control
  • How to deal with gatekeepers and voice mail
  • How to prioritize your prospecting activities

In Our “Just Do It” Prospecting Workshop you will DO:

  • Draft your 30-second commercial that people listen to and remember
  • Make actual Prospecting calls, set up meetings, and… depending on your product, maybe even close sales… on the spot.
  • Get live and immediate coaching and feedback from our experienced trainers
  • Techniques and strategies for effectively dealing with the gatekeeper

 Do it!

  March 14th, from 9 AM to 1 PM @ Skysong

No Pressure Prospecting by Sandler Training