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Sales Hiring Assessments


Do you know your employees?
Competency-based assessment tools apply innovative human resource technology, experience and industry-leading predictive models to help organizations reduce costs and achieve strategic goals.

Wherever your challenges are, assessments support the entire employee lifecycle.

The Employee Lifecycle

  • Hiring and Selection
    Simplify, identify and hire candidates who best fit in a high-performer profile.
  • Onboarding
    Discover learning gaps and target individual needs to help new hires get on their feet.
  • Development
    Assist your leaders and employees to achieve their highest potential - create your "Dream Team".



    • Team Building
      Clarify the team's strengths and opportunities: examine how team members and leaders interact.
    • Succession
      Target high potential employees for development and promotion opportunities.
    • Separation
      Understand why employees voluntarily choose to leave your organization.

What's the Difference Between Behavioral and Competency Based Assessments?

In today's job market, the best candidates are able to demonstrate the right behaviors AND competencies to get the job done.

Yet, many employers have relied upon behavioral based interviews and sometimes behavioral assessments. While this is good, the process falls short of helping the employer understands whether the candidate has the right competencies to perform the job duties.

Behavioral assessments typically analyze the drivers that indicate how an individual may respond under circumstances like pressure, change, uncertainty and authority.

Competency based assessments examine an individual's skills and abilities and compares those to the skills and abilities required to succeed in a role.

Assessing both can provide employers with a more complete view of the candidate in terms of what drives them and how well they are suited for a given role.

Be sure to download the assessment comparison chart to evaluate what each assessment is designed to evaluate in a candidate.

If you find yourself wondering how assessments can change the quality of hires for your business, let's schedule some time to talk about it.

Download the Assessment Comparison Tool

Do you know which assessments are illegal to use for hiring?

The Evolution of Employee Assessments provides quick comparison of four key assessment tools, what they measure and which are legal for use in hiring.

Download your free copy today.