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Believe it or not, your parents were wrong. Money actually does grow on trees.

Skeptical? Don’t be. Just be willing to ask yourself: what kind of tree? And the answer is: a referral tree.

Think about how many referrals you received over the past, say, twelve months. Why did you get them? Were you being proactive? Were you utilizing a system for generating them? Did you make a point to ask clients to send referrals your way?

People hate prospecting, and that avoidance leads them away from it as their business grows. Get back to the basics of introductions, getting referrals, networking events, and even making cold calls.

Referrals and introductions should be central to building a quality pipeline for our business. However, in my research, most of us are leaving up to 75% of the available referrals and introductions on the table..... 

To create a great 30 second commercial, consider the “what do you do” question from the perspective of a prospect in pain who eventually turned into your happy customer.