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Up Front Contract

Stay Out Of The Box!
Vincent’s closing numbers were not what he had been hoping for. He asked his manager,
Lynnette, what she thought the problem might be. After a little role-playing, Lynnette
suggested that Vincent was spending too much time selling “from inside a box.”  

He was getting trapped answering questions from the prospect, before he had an understanding of the prospect's needs.

I don't suppose the Sandler sales system could be worth a try?

If you don't have a sales system, then you are likely following the buyers' system. And the prospect is in control of the buyers' system.
The seven step Sandler system puts you in control, while letting your prospect feel in control. The Sandler seven steps include Bonding & Rapport, Up Front Contract, Pain, Budget, Decision, Fulfillment, and Post-sell.

Find out how Tim Lambros, of Wealth Smart Trust Advisors, used Sandler Training to double his close rate in less than 3 months. 

While sales folklore says buyers are liars, this is not the case. Prospects lie.... all the time. When prospects become buyers, they stop lying.

Do you have a clear and explicit agreement with your prospect about what's going to happen next? Did you hear 'smoke screen' comments in your exchange and avoided asking for clarity? This is mutual mystification.

Have you ever had a potential customer suddenly go dark, after weeks or months of engagement? You’ve been building a relationship. The prospect has demonstrated interest in your product. They even asked for a presentation and then a proposal. All of the sudden…. Nothing. Calls go to voice mail. Emails go unanswered. What happened? ...