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Believe it or not, your parents were wrong. Money actually does grow on trees.

Skeptical? Don’t be. Just be willing to ask yourself: what kind of tree? And the answer is: a referral tree.

Think about how many referrals you received over the past, say, twelve months. Why did you get them? Were you being proactive? Were you utilizing a system for generating them? Did you make a point to ask clients to send referrals your way?

With a shift in our behavior driven by working at home, we all need to consider new prospecting activities supporting our remote selling. Social selling, using platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, is likely to enter your mix of remote selling prospecting tools.

There are many aspects of social selling:

  • A referral/introduction tool
  • A ....

What does a spilled box of candy have to do with a sales call? Everything.

It's all about free consulting; Giving your information away for free without anything in return.

Ask yourself: If they already have your information, if they already have your pricing, do they ever really need to talk to you again? What’s to stop them from taking your information and shopping your competitors? What would you do in that situation if you were the prospect? Be honest. You’d shop around, wouldn’t you?

Will, a new salesperson, had just begun a face-to-face meeting with Maria, the CEO of a big company that Will’s manager would have dearly loved Will to close. Right after the two sat down in Maria’s conference room, Maria asked:

“So, Will – how much do you know about our firm?”

No sooner did Will hear those words than he embarked on a long monologue about all the research he did to prepare for this meeting. It’s quite a speech. In fact, it takes him about ten minutes to cover everything. If he’d been watching Maria a little more closely, he’d have noticed her eyes beginning to glaze over at about the fourth minute.

Too often, sales professionals make one fundamental mistake that could be costing them thousands in commissions. They believe that their job is to ... 

Referrals and introductions should be central to building a quality pipeline for our business. However, in my research, most of us are leaving up to 75% of the available referrals and introductions on the table..... 

To create a great 30 second commercial, consider the “what do you do” question from the perspective of a prospect in pain who eventually turned into your happy customer.

Ask salespeople to list their least favorite selling activities, and you can count on “prospecting” being at the top of the list. And, the least favorite of all prospecting activities is unquestionably making cold calls.

Each prospect has a different level of discomfort or desire for your good solution. Let’s call that motivation whether positive or negative--“pain.”

Your 'best' presentation results from everything you do BEFORE you deliver it. It’s the culmination of the smart questions you ask while developing an understanding of your prospects needs, and emotional pains. It reflects the third-party stories and questions you’ve used to get the prospect emotionally attached to your product or service as a solution. It confirms the investment and decision-making process your prospect has revealed ahead of the presentation.

Are you are ready to expand your online presence and start building your LinkedIn network strategically? If so, you should know that there are two ways you can approach your connections. You can either take the marketing approach, and build as many connections as possible, and expand your reach to as many people as possible … or you can take the sales approach, and limit your network connections to people you actually know and can build relationships with.