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We don't have to like the change to embrace it. Some changes are beyond our control. But our reaction to the change is within our control.

The Sandler Success Triangle says that success is a combination of Behavior, Attitude and Technique. Which do you think is more important?

Personally, I'll start with Behavior, though I need a certain baseline Attitude to initiate proactive behavior.  When I do the right behaviors, my attitude quickly follows.  It's like a workout.  I rarely want to start my workout.  But I NEVER regret it.  By the end, my attitude is great.

Having started with Behavior, I think Attitude has the most impact. When we keep our best attitude strong, we can do anything. Keeping the right attitude is not just an act of will.  We need to understand how our attitude reacts to change and uncertainty.  We can understand both the psychology and neurology  (yes, huge parts of your attitude are flowing from your brain chemicals).  We can understand the distinction between our role and our identity. 

Looking at the accompanying graphic, embrace the change and look for opportunity, success will follow.  

How can I grow, personally?  What can I learn?  Can I help others?

How do I position my business to intersect with the changed business environment? 

Start with behaviors, and attitude will follow.  Analyze your business and the external environment.  Make deliberate decisions.  Commit and lead.



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