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Prospecting & Qualifying

Believe it or not, your parents were wrong. Money actually does grow on trees.

Skeptical? Don’t be. Just be willing to ask yourself: what kind of tree? And the answer is: a referral tree.

Think about how many referrals you received over the past, say, twelve months. Why did you get them? Were you being proactive? Were you utilizing a system for generating them? Did you make a point to ask clients to send referrals your way?

Elaine’s sales manager, Tom, had an unexpected question for her during their weekly one-on-one coaching session. It sounded like this:

“What are you going to do to cut down on your TIOs?”

You may have heard of the popular Sandler selling tool known as “reversing” and wondered what it was all about. No, it has nothing to do with backing your car up.
Reversing simply means you answer every question from a prospective buyer with a question of your own.

It's a simple skill that can help your sales team close more sales.  Let's learn more....

With an enormous segment of the work force working remotely or at home, remote selling skills are critical.  It may be social media selling, managing zoom meetings, or cold emails and calls.  It's also about adapting our sales process to a remote environment and examining and executing new strategies.

Success in sales is a combination of Behavior, Attitude and Technique.  In this segment from our recent "How to Succeed Selling Remotely Webinar", we look at a couple highlights on the remote selling technique side.

Certain events or activities trigger companies as your potential client. Identifying these trigger moments is vital to your prospecting strategy.  They can drive marketing channels, sales channels, partnerships and messaging.  Based on the trigger moments, we can identify what pain indicators would be relevant, and how to intercept our prospect when they hit the trigger moments.

No matter what the future holds, it will include allot more video meetings. As a result, our capability to sell remotely is an increasingly important capability. Let's look at 4 specific tips for successful remote selling.

1. Understand your ....

The economy and business world has changed at lightning speed.  Has your ideal client profile changed?

Now's a good time to consider how the change in the external environment should change our prospecting plans.  Where companies hosting public events might have been a viable customer base a few months back, they are unlikely to be attractive for the next 6 months.  Some segments are up, others down.  Messaging changes as well.

Review your criteria for an ideal client, then review the channels and partnerships that will help you reach them. 

Is selling remotely just a matter of using the phone and internet?  Yes.... and No.  Selling remotely changes your tools, but it also requires ....

With a shift in our behavior driven by working at home, we all need to consider new prospecting activities supporting our remote selling. Social selling, using platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, is likely to enter your mix of remote selling prospecting tools.

There are many aspects of social selling:

  • A referral/introduction tool
  • A ....

How to use emails and DM for prospecting.