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Some people are natural born sales people. Not me. I started my career as an engineer, and would never have imagined myself as a sales person when I left college. Yet, a sales system, Sandler in this case, sales can become a transferrable skill. The Sandler sales system gives us a process and a toolkit so we know how to manage the sales process, step by step.
One of the core tools is an understanding of the psychology of the sale. This means the psychology of our prospects, as well as ourselves. When we understand our own psychology, we understand where our natural strengths are and where our challenges are. As an engineer, I am a 'C' on the DISC behavioral assessment. DISC stands for Dominant, Influencer, Steady Relator, and Conscientious compliant. A “C” or analytic, is naturally curious, and not pushy, good skills in a sales person. And, we can follow a system. If you’re a naturally born sales person, you’re probably an “I” or a “D”. As an “I” you typically love interacting with people and have charisma. As a “D”, you love to compete and win. If you’re a Steady relator, then you want to help others and make everybody successful. Understanding our psychology and a sales system gives us the framework to learn, so an engineer can learn how to sell.
If you want to learn more, join us at an upcoming sales workshop.

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