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Mercury Professional Development, Inc. | Phoenix, AZ

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

Moath Antar

Sales Engineer at Saudi ReadyMix- Alturki

Industry: Construction and Building Materials 

Moath Antar shares his success using Sandler Training Arizona.

We have benefited from Sandler a lot, not only in our business life, but also in our personal life in terms of dealing with our family, friends and customers. Starting from finding pain after building rapport with the prospect, Sandler gave us confidence in ourselves with prospects and made us sell better. 

Corey Frank

Stormwind Studios, EVP of Sales, Stormwind Studios

Industry: Technical Training and Certifications

Dea Alshahm

Industry: Construction and Building Materials 

Salesman at Saudi ReadyMix, Alturki Holdings.

Thanks to Sandler. A situation happened to me yesterday, where a prospect wants me to give him a price without giving up any other information on his part. I applied Sandler techniques with answering the question with a question.

Are you asking about the price or other elements you want to build your home on?! We went back and forth and I applied negative reverse which, eventually made him reach the point that he proposed an appointment without me giving him any price on the phone. 

Brian Frank


Industry: Professional Social Networking

Brian Frank - Vice President, Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn

TIm Lambros - Wealth Point Advisors

I Doubled my Close Rate in less than 3 months

Tim Lambros, of Wealth Smart Trust Advisors, reports that since he's started using Sandler Training, he's doubled his closing ratio in less than 3 months. Find out more about how Tim uses up front contracts and pain to increase his close rate.

Mark Dauw

Industry: Media

"Mark Kirstein is a great leader and business partner. Mark excels as a problem solver who listens first when developing relationships with clients. Mark took over the relationship with NBC Universal when the media industry was going through dramatic transition. With Mark's leadership and support, we were able greatly improve our go-to-market strategies and our relationship. He helped us grow our market share and revenue in key under-developed customer segments. He is the best consultant that I have worked with and I have worked with all the major firms."

Mark Duaw Sandler Management Training Client

Former Senior Vice President of Strategy Planning, Forecasting, and Retail Operations, NBC Universal


Jack Stein

Patriot Commercial Properties

Industry: Commercial Broker

Jack is CEO of Patriot Commercial Properties in Phoenix Arizona.

Greg DePinto

Industry: Software

"We have been using Linc Miller and Sandler for about two years. As a seasoned sales and management professional I was skeptical but open minded…. The changes in our "Sales Process" are significant: The way our reps think, the questions they ask, forecast accuracy and the overall effectiveness / efficiency… The training provided has kept our revenue above water in a down economy.


Greg DePinto Sandler Sales Training Client

Western Region National Sales Manager, Sage Software, ACT!, SageCRM, SalesLogix