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Mercury Professional Development, Inc. | Phoenix, AZ

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Meet Our Sandler Team

We Strive to Be The Best at What We Do and Help You Do The Same


Mark Kirstein

Mark is the CEO of Sandler Training by Mercury Professional Development. Mark possesses a unique combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, across sales and management roles. He provides sales training, coaching and consulting to successful companies across a broad range of industries, from technology, to insurance, to legal, to manufacturing and more. Prior to Sandler, Mark was CEO/General Manager of In-Stat, a Scottsdale-based market research firm with revenues up to $15 Million. He led consulting and analyst organizations that advise and help clients optimize market development. Mark has a BS degree in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, and an MBA from ASU.

Mark Kirstein Sandler Traning Phoenix


Linc Miller

Linc is the president of Sandler Training by Mercury Professional Development. Linc has spent the last 20+ years of his career in Sales, Management and Business Development and has been a part of the Sandler network since 2000. He has trained over 2000 executives from countries around the world and all over the United States. Linc is a world-class facilitator/trainer and an expert in Coaching, Supervising, Goal Setting, and Mentoring.

Linc is a Graduate of Jacksonville State University and has dedicated himself to giving others the competitive edge to maximize profitability and drive negotiations.  

Linc Miller Sander Sales Training Arizona

Director of Business Development - NLP Trainer

Kal Jurdi

After graduating Engineering from ASU, Kal ventured into entrepreneurship and learned how to sell through pain and struggle. For five years straight Kal was flying around the country training corporate leadership on team building and effective communication. Part of his job as a trainer was making group sales presentations and one on one selling. That's where he failed miserably. Until he learned and mastered the Sandler Selling System and combined it with leadership training and a rich background in Transformative Learning Techniques including NLP and Landmark. Which makes Kal well equipped to build championship teams and train the trainers. His high energy dynamic training style leaves NO DULL moments in the learning experience.  

Mary Crisci- Trainer at Sandler Training by Mercury Professional Development

Lem Yorahee- Trainer at Sandler Training by Mercury Professional Development