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Mercury Professional Development, Inc. | Scottsdale, AZ



Really!  Free training.  You got that right.  


Sandler Training by Mercury Professional Development is offering you free sales training.  Not a loss leader.  Not substandard, teasers.  No obligations.  You'll be able to attend a live session of our weekly President's Club training.   

Sales Meeting

Here's how it works.  

1) We get on the phone with you for a brief consultation; usually about 30 minutes.  This allows us to understand your objectives, skills and challenges.  

2) We schedule you to join us as a guest at one of our weekly training sessions.  Here you'll be joined by our existing clients, and select other guests, as we learn Sandler Sales techniques, concepts, role plays, and feedback.

3) You spend at least 15 minutes talking with us in a post-brief after the training.  You share what you liked, what you didn't like, etc.    No pressure to sign up.  No obligation.

Still interested?  

Let's get started with your free Sales Training.  Register here.



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